Focus Tools Bundle

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$ 15

Support learning with these powerful thinking tools!

This bundle includes:

  • The To-Do List for ADHDoers – Organized just right for speedy brains
  • The Productivity Companion – Supports slacking off in healthy ways
  • The Study Buddy – Develops powerful learning mindsets

Get all 3 for your tween or teen to help them get finished with work faster, understand material in meaningful ways AND learn how to avoid problems before they happen.


Kids need support to develop better learning mindsets and these CREATE tools help to that very thing. We took studies on how to increase productivity in children with learning difficulties and put them into a To-Do List and Study tools so they can approach their tasks feeling capable to do the work.

That includes:

  1. Doing the easy, fast tasks first
  2. Ordering tasks longer than 5 mins in a digestible way
  3. Breaking down hard tasks into 3-4 parts
  4. Using the Pomodoro method of working (25 mins of work / 5 mins of rest)
  5. Understanding what skills stop hard tasks
  6. Knowing the steps to acquire needed skills to get things done
  7. Getting rid of obtrusive thoughts but honoring their intent
  8. Doodling as stress relief
  9. Body Doubling aka Study Buddy – ADHD strategy for study accountability
  10. Exercise as a productivity intervention
  11. Deadlines as stronger motivation for the brain then scheduling


Best of all, these tools are laminated and meant to be used with a fine tip dry erase marker! That means you can use, erase and re-use these powerful tools any time you need them.

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1 in

3 reviews for Focus Tools Bundle

  1. Jimmy K.

    Actually useful. I’m using it and I’m not an adult or student.

  2. Larissa J.

    I got this for my teen to help him study and it is really making a difference to getting work done and staying on task. He comes back to what he was doing after forgetting.

  3. Mary F.

    I used a permanent marker type and it left a mark. Im annoyed at myself because its been so good for studying in class. Maybe a plastic that works for all markers would be better. Dry erase pens are harder to get.

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