Focus Trace Game <7

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Support a child’s focus and concentration with this bundle of game boards! These 4 game backgrounds come with varying difficulties that are all aimed at increasing a child’s attention span.

Best of all, these tools are laminated and meant to be used! That means you can use, erase and re-use these at the airport, restaurant or any time you need a break.


Young kids need games that help rebuild focus and concentration. This simple game does that very thing!

Kids use a toothpick and water (with or without a little food coloring) to drag a droplet through the track from start to finish. This game forces us to concentrate and move a slippery dot of water through corners and past friends to reach the treasure at the end.

By supporting the pre-frontal cortex in its ability to stick to one task we help a child complete the rest of their day’s tasks and learning more easily!


Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 1 in

3 reviews for Focus Trace Game <7

  1. oscar e.

    I didn’t know how to get my child to play but customer support answered quickly. My son is 3 and enjoys playing. I think I do see his attention getting better

  2. Vicky B.

    My girls have so much fun! I like the 4 tiles provided. They don’t fight over playing with it and have done races together. Thanks!

  3. Larry J.

    I bought a few sets of these for my classroom and it has been an amazing wind down activity. I think I have noticed more composure and attention right after too. This is a great executive function game. You should make other easy to use focus games like this.

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