CREATE's 10 Days of Connection event!

Every year Miami hosts 10 days of events that foster greater connection in our community.

CREATE is giving back with our very own workshop and live Q&A! Parents will get free resources, have an opportunity to ask questions, learn about the life long impacts of certain parenting strategies, learning styles and more.

Follow along by downloading our 10 days of Connection Guide & Worksheet Bundle here:

Workshop Topics Covered:

  • Breakdown of what each learning style is + what factors can contribute to learning difficulties for each
  • Breakdown of what each love language is + how you can apply it in the home
  • Breakdown of what each attachment style is, leads to and how to correct disordered attachments
  • Why it’s important to let your kids fail early on

Worksheets and extra resources:

  • Quizzes to figure out your learning style, attachment style and love language
  • Mom’s Guide to Love Languages
  • Creating Healthy Attachments – Turn around Disordered Attachments worksheet
  • Getting to know your family – Compare Parent / Child styles of relating
  • Questions to Ask your Child – Poster
  • 10 Ways to Build Connection – Poster

Check out more about Miami's 10 Days of Connection and visit some of the amazing experiences scheduled around the city.