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Communication skills

We can improve a child's communication skills through fun activities. Try these to grow assertive speech, learn how to make better apologies or make better decisions when responding to mean comments.


Managing Strong Emotions

Strong emotions makes our body tense and interrupts our ability to think well. That's why it's important to practice beforehand. Play our anger or anxiety games or use our foody meter to teach feelings to younger children.


Building a Strong Character

A strong character helps us persist through tough moments and be resilient after hard ones get the best of us. These activities will help you teach kids what makes up a strong character.


Somatic skills

Body based skills help us better connect to our health through a deeper sense of what we're feeling inside. It means that we are aware of how emotions make our body feel and it also means we make better health decisions for life.


Conquering Fears

Getting over our fears isn't easy! That's why we find it's helpful to break down our fears so that we can look at them from a different perspective. We hope these help your little ones face their toughest thoughts!


Problem Solving

When we know how to think through problems we avoid making things worse and know when to ask for help. Help kids identify the parts of a problem and how to foresee them developing far into the future.


Understanding Feelings

Feelings can be hard to communicate and even harder to really pin-point, especially if we don't have the practice. Use these to teach kids what feelings are like and what healthy boundaries look like.


Building Leadership

A strong leader means a strong future! It means that a child knows how to work well with others, have a growth mindset and has strong values. We hope these help your child become a future community hero.


Coming Soon

We're working on new worksheets and activities all of the time. Head back here periodically for new additions or follow our socials for announcements of new printables.

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