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We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

children playing CREATE basketball mental health games

Our programs focus on play-based nervous system education:

Whether it’s through basketball or yoga, our programs educate children and families how the body physiologically reacts to emotions and ways we can use the body to better cope with them.

Our basketball programs are aimed at improving health equity amongst the general population and can be found in public school P.E. classes, basketball clinics or aftercare programs.

Our Yoga programs are aimed at improving health outcomes amongst girls at-risk for self harm and eating disorders. They can be found in after school clubs and in our private working groups.


Coming in 2025

CREATE is combining our network and expertise to grow community work in Miami, Florida!

maternal yoga services

Nervous system education and body based therapies have the power to increase health equity and improve outcomes. We’re excited to bring these strategies to families in Miami, Florida.

Natalia Rodriguez

Program Director


We believe in better health for all. Our services are open to families of all races, financial situations, sexual orientations and cultures.


Our care is culturally sensitive, trauma informed, for all types of neurodiversities and made with connection at heart.


We incorporate new technologies for pediatric mental health including AI, VR, AR, Biofeedback, Apps and new therapy toys.


We empower parents to make them our strongest short term partners and our biggest long term influences for better health.

Nervous System Educational Programs
Our play based strategy helps us side step cultural avoidance and improve health equity by using basketball games to teach nervous system education and body based coping skills to all children.
Community Services
We hope to increase access to health services for families in Miami, Florida through free screenings, educational workshops, therapy groups, one-on-one mentorships, pre & post natal yoga and resource bridging.

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Experts in giving your children best start

Dr. Lindsay Scholz
Dr. Lindsay Scholz

Therapist - Telehealth Services, Board Member

Sari Velar

Yoga Services

Chris Cameron
Christopher Cameron

NICU RN - Maternal Services

What parent say:
mother and child
I'm so grateful for how much I learned about my feelings and body. Before I didn't know how much what I felt was signs of stress or anxiety. Now when it's happening I notice it and remember to start practicing one of the coping skills I learned. That alone has been so big for me.
Ramona A.

More than just a joyful place

Our activities promote healthier futures through education and coping skills learned through fun, engaging formats.