ADHD can leave us feeling frustrated and helpless.

That is true for both parents and children. We sit down with ADHD learning specialist Benjamin Mizrahi to talk all about the difference between ADD and ADHD, methods to best learn and cope, plus all of the ways a child is impacted by an ADHD diagnosis.

Check out the live below and download our packet to apply it to your child.

Follow along by downloading our Guide & Worksheet Bundle here:

Workshop Topics Covered:

  • What ADHD looks and feels like
  • How to support self confidence
  • Discipline and ADHD
  • Using rewards
  • Why a cooperative approach with teachers matters
  • More resources!

Worksheets and extra resources:

  • What ADHD is (what it looks and sounds like)
  • The symptoms and signs; including the unseen impact
  • Common biological confusion and treatment options
  • Great intervention options for parents
  • My Focus Plan – [Worksheet] – breakdown large tasks into manageable parts.
  • I CAN Challenge Anger – [Worksheet] – breakdown root causes and seek appropriate coping methods.
  • Homework Help Ideas – supports parents at home and teachers in the classroom
  • Let Me Introduce Myself – [Worksheet] – Helps a child brief a new teacher
  • Better Time Management – [Worksheet] – Helps a parent lead in modeling good organization skills
  • 7 Conversation Starters for Parents – Helps a parent create cooperation with teachers