CREATE's LIVE on Anxiety

Anxiety makes daily life a labor for kids and builds frustration for parents.

It can be overwhelming for both when there is a lack of understanding and tools to address it head on. We sit down with Anxiety Expert Dr. Russell Kennedy and best selling author on anxiety Dean Stott to talk all about the difference between normal anxiety and anxiety disorders, methods to best support and cope, plus all of the ways a child is impacted by an Anxiety diagnosis.

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Follow along by downloading our Guide & Worksheet Bundle here:

Workshop Topics Covered:

  • How Anxiety Disorders differ from regular anxiety
  • The biological root of anxiety – Understanding it beyond “negative thinking”
  • Practical tools for coping
  • The bridging technique for separation anxiety (for children and adults)
  • How anxiety is stored and “lives” within the body’s nervous system
  • Anxiety and not being able to remember childhood memories (why it happens)

Worksheets and extra resources:

  • What is Anxiety (what it looks like in kids)
  • Separation Anxiety and the Bridging Technique (explainer)
  • How anxiety progresses over time
  • What could happen vs. What will happen (Worksheet) break down anxiety
  • What is worry – (Worksheet) labeling your feelings and identifying triggers 
  • The worry in my body (Worksheet) Grows brain-body connection by locating retained anxiety in the body
  • I can use my strengths (Worksheet) how to use their strengths during anxious situations
  • Preparing for Anxiety (Worksheet for Parents) 6 ways parents can avoid anxiety producing experiences or support a child in the moment
  • Social Anxiety (Worksheet) common social triggers of anxiety and what to do

Check out more including top issues, coping methods, and recommended products in our In-Depth Guide.