We add FUN to your social and wellness program!

CREATE is a new program addition focused on making mental health fun and engaging.

With our games and activities bundle your staff gets everything they need to throw a CREATE Somatics class called Surfing the Waves of Change. We use experiential learning to teach kids 5 body-based skills for dealing with the stress negative emotions create.

Why we do this work:

Emotions begin in the body. Way before we can be mindful or choose to meditate we have to cope with the physical reactions our body creates in real time. The only way to do that successfully is to strengthen the brain-body connection. When kids understand the physical response to an emotion they feel more in control, assist in finishing the physical reaction and make better decisions.

Help us make a larger impact by adding us to your programing!

Preview a skill taught in this lesson:

We explain how emotions show up in the body...

Helping children understand that our body responds to emotions is the first step brings better mental and emotional health through deeper body knowledge.

then teach a body skill that calms the stress.

We can help our body get rid of stress by assisting with the natural fight, flight or freeze responses. We do that using somatics (body based skills for mental health).

We explain the meaning behind the emotion...

Why we feel an emotion is important, it helps us feel understood and seen. Anger is the most important and empowering emotion a child can work with.

and help guide them towards a better solution.

Knowing how to work with anger effectively can mean the difference between tons of frustration and time wasted OR a capable feeling, resilient child!

What's in the box:

  • 25 Somatics Coloring Books
  • 25 Fidget Bracelets
  • Materials for 3 Somatics Party Games
  • Prizes for 3 Somatics Party Game
  • Somatics Class Guide (Lesson, Game Instructions and Common Core Standards inside).

CREATE is a new Enrichment partner that focuses on Social & Emotional Wellness.

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