Discipline & Punishment Workshop!

Disciplining a child isn't easy.

That is especially true when they are being disrespectful or in the middle of a tantrum. We sit down with Oliver Levy from Mindful Parenting Toolkit to talk all about the difference, methods and how a child is impacted by your disciplining style.

Check out the live below and download our packet to apply it to your child.


Follow along by downloading our Worksheet Bundle here:

Workshop Topics Covered:

  • Breakdown of what healthy discipline looks like
  • Breakdown of what unhealthy discipline looks like
  • Why tough love doesn’t work
  • Why looking for triggers matters
  • What your communication style really says (including body language)

Worksheets and extra resources:

  • Parent’s Guide to changing their communication style (with examples)
  • A Mindful Moment – Helps a child witness their behavior from an outside perspective
  • Behavior Log – Helps parents trace triggers to behaviors
  • From Consequences to Rewards – Helps you plan your response to behavior
  • What Does My Body Language Say – Helps you review non-verbal communication, trace it back and change your approach