Bringing Mindfulness down into the body.

Our Mission:

Through better nervous system and body education we can reduce stigma around mental health, improve decision making and help reduce the amount of retained trauma in the body.

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Join over 650,000 parents learning new strategies, techniques and information.


Download free activities and worksheets for anger, anxiety and problem solving!


Sign your school or after care program for our free basketball prgram.


Learn more about how CREATE is growing child and family care services in the state of Florida.

We put our nervous system education into games because play is the best form of learning. Check out these fun ways to learn about the body.

Parents are the first, and most important, role models a child has so we are committed to supporting better parenting. Join our community for daily content.

Our family workshops teaches how the nervous system impacts behavior through interactive games families play together. We also support physicians and early learning centers with free guides, studies, posters and materials.


Nervous System education on mental health leads to

  • Improved mental and physical well-being
  • Enhanced emotional regulation skills and stress management techniques.
  • Increased ability to sit with emotions (less reactivity)
  • Less stigma around mental health
  • Less cultural avoidance
  • Less anxiety
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