We need more than Mindfulness

Somatics skill building for children's mental health

Current SEL programs need more body awareness. CREATE uses play to teach kids important body based skills that confront negative emotions and relieve automatic nervous system stress.

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CREATE is the home of the first BASKETBALL based social emotional learning program!

Learning about emotions is fun and easier to include in curriculum requirements with CREATE’s  1 page, 1 skill 10 minute lessons. 

Include CASEL requirements in Self-Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship skills and more using our play-based materials. Whether it’s skill building coloring pages or our P.E. focused basketball series, CREATE uses social emotional learning activities to make SEL learning simple.


CREATE's Educators Yoga Program:

We believe educators need more mental health support so we put body awareness and skills into a yoga program.

Create Yoga videos teach somatics skills that can be used to cope with classroom overwhelm and retained nervous system stress. This trauma informed body therapy is an excellent way to provide additional mental health supports to educators on a regular basis.

CREATE's Basketball Somatics Program:

Our SEL curriculum focuses on making body based skills for mental health memorable so we use the beloved basketball.

We don’t just teach kids to breath, we take skills used to cope with asthma attacks and turn them into fun basketball games to coach kids on the 2 main parts of an effective breath.

We make learning important body skills fun for early ages too by creating color & learn activity books, and classroom party games.

Each worksheet or activity sheet has everything you need to teach kids 1 somatics based skill via coloring or fun activity.

100% of our revenue is donated.

All funds goes to funding our programming in public schools and online.

Support our programming to reach more kids and educators with these important life skills.

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