Maternal Health

More than 80% of deaths associated with pregnancy are preventable.
We hope to address the needs of mothers at every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Maternal health care is complex. It encompasses aspects of both mental and physical health, and a range of social and economic factors significantly influences the accessibility and quality of maternal health care. Solving the issues that confront maternal health requires dedicated professionals and community members who aspire to make a difference.

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The Services



Physical exams, blood tests, calculations of due dates as well as, food security, fitness and mental health reviews.



Prenatal tests to check for issues such as anemia, infection, gestational diabetes, hypertension, and birth defects



Regular checkups throughout pregnancy to assess factors such as weight and fetal growth. As well as, Ultrasound exams to review fetal organs and systems.


Pre/Post Natal Yoga

Specialized yoga routines that improve the baby's birth weight, decrease labor times and decrease the risk of complications, like preterm labor and pre-eclampsia.

maternal mortality is a preventable health issue
maternal yoga improves birth outcomes

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Our maternal services are means tested and primarily for families in the Allapattah, Florida area. If you live in the area and would like receive natal services at our facility get started by messaging us here.

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Our Services
Our Mission

A healthy start and maternity program that includes integral health services and somatic education.

Despite its importance, equal access to quality maternal health care has no shortage of challenges.

Maternal health is vital to society. As the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has noted, maternal well-being affects the health of future generations. When mothers lack access to adequate health care there is a substantial impact on the entire community.

 The long term impact of maternal mortality can create even starker challenges.

A 2022 article in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth reported that maternal mortality can significantly affect the mental health and overall well-being of all members of the family. Specifically, the loss of a mother can result in surviving family members experiencing:

  • Changes in family structure, such as children being sent to live in another home
  • Complicated grief
  • A decline in physical health
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Feelings of overwhelming sadness and emptiness
  • Unemployment
  • Strained finances

Maternal Morbidity Can Have Multiple Negative Consequences

Maternal morbidity — that is, health conditions that result from pregnancy or are made worse by pregnancy — also is accompanied by a range of unfortunate consequences. In 2021, the Commonwealth Fund published a report that found maternal morbidity can:

  • Increase medical costs for years following a birth
  • Increase the risk of children having chronic health conditions or behavioral and developmental disorders
  • Lead to reduced productivity at work and unemployment
  • Result in an increased need for social service programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
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Maternal mortality is not just a vital sign of the health system, it is a vital sign of society.

Mary-Ann Etiebet, MD, MBA
The Challenge
Some women have health problems that start during pregnancy, and others have health problems before they get pregnant that could lead to complications during pregnancy. Strategies to help women adopt healthy habits and get health care before and during pregnancy can help prevent pregnancy complications.
The Goal
Prevent pregnancy complications and maternal deaths and improve women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy.
Healthy People 2030

Despite advances in medical research and care, there are significant disparities in maternal health and infant birth and health outcomes. Access to prenatal care and education can dramatically improve birth and health outcomes for moms and their babies, but women who are uninsured (or underinsured) often miss out on these critical services.

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Unfortunately, some of the metrics are not only falling short, they are getting worse…

  • Reduce preterm births – MICH-07
  • Reduce maternal deaths  – MICH-04
  • Increase the proportion of pregnant women who receive early and adequate prenatal care – MICH-08
  • Reduce severe maternal complications identified during delivery hospitalizations – MICH-05
  • Reduce cesarean births among low-risk women with no prior births – MICH-06

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A community that cares for a mother's mental, emotional and physical health.