How to Solve Anything:

(Lesson 2)

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Ways to Solve Problems:

My Strategy Map:

Rule of 3's - Self Care:

Rule of 3's - Problem Solving:

My Feelings Vs Their Feelings:

My Priorities Pyramid:

Understanding Emotions:

Solving Long Term Problems:

Solving Future Problems:

Types of Problems:

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5 Day Challenge
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Emotional Problem Solving:

Superhero Simulator the Game:

What we practice we perfect!
This interactive board game has everyone in the family join CREATE’s Superhero Academy! Put our tips and your creativity to the test as you work together and versus each other to solve problems. Only the the best (and funniest) solutions will earn the winner a CREATE Superhero Academy mask and cape!
*100% of profits go to lessons / game development and game donations to under priviledged families.

For Parents:

Interested in the science used in the lesson? Download a 1 page summary of the ideas that back the lesson with links to the supporting study or book.