2024 Connection Calendar

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This 120+ page book holds 350+ activities and lessons to help parents ensure a year of fun, bonding AND learning. We don’t just help you have a good time, we also help make important rituals fun so that kids can contribute to a healthy and happy home.

Our challenges don’t just keep you in front of a screen, they ask your kids to

  • explore foods around the world
  • explore science in the oceans, soils and space
  • explore history through artifacts, foods and celebrations
  • explore our own bodies and self care
  • explore our futures and our responsibilities
  • explore mindsets and their own power to create change
  • + so much more!

*Great for ages 4-18

*Digital Copies delivered asap,

*Physical copies on pre-order – deliveries begin 2/14


  • 44 Life Skills
  • 7 Coping skills
  • 45 Family Rituals
  • 44 Recipes were tested
  • 39 Financial literacy lessons
  • 12 Book topics
  • 12 Museums challenges
  • 24 Wood shop projects
  • 12 Lego projects
  • 14 Crafts activities
  • 20 Outdoor adventures
  • 15 STEM projects
  • 25 Games
  • 52 Free experiences and activities

This Connection Calendar Plans 365 days of bonding with your child in minutes.

Instructions, recipe ideas and links to resources around the web make this book everything you’ll need for hundreds of activities. We help you teach kids important coping skills, financial literacy skills and life skills that will continue to show up for them in the years to come. From workshop classes to exploring space with NASA, we have all kinds of growth covered for you and your child. We can’t wait for you to dive in!

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6 reviews for 2024 Connection Calendar

  1. Phillip Dwaud

    So many things to do. Thank you!

  2. Thomas

    My wife and I are always looking for ways to have meaningful moments with our kids, and this calendar seems like the perfect tool for that.

    The variety of activities it offers is truly impressive.

    There are great ideas for cooking together, which will be a great way to have fun and learn a few practical skills.

    I’m particularly excited about the outdoor adventures and the STEM projects. These activities are not just about having fun…they’re about learning and growing together.

    And with different challenges like museum visits, lego projects, and new book topics, there is something in this calendar for all three of my kids, who all have very different personalities.
    The calendar also includes lessons on financial literacy and coping skills, which are so important for kids these days.

    This calendar is a fantastic resource for any family looking to spend quality time together. It’s full of educational and enjoyable activities that cater to a wide range of interests.
    I’m genuinely excited to start using it this year.

    Thank you! – Thomas

  3. Becky L.

    This book has SO MANY things to do. OMG!! I love that there are so many challenges for cooking and actually learning about food, learning about the outdoors and even the world. It will help me so much when I’m looking for things to do with my son. I like that you gave links at the end for activities we can do at home, plus the outside ones. We are going to have to much fun with this. Thank you!

  4. Victor G.

    I’m a divorced father of two and I don’t have full custody. I’m always looking for ways to maintain my relationship with my kids and do cool things on the weekend. I really appreciate being able to have something I can refer to that will help me teach them important things and stay involved with them growing up smart. I’m most looking forward to the outdoor and STEM projects. They look fun.

  5. Lisa D.

    I home school my 3 kids, (8, 11, 13) and there is links and resources I didn’t know about. I love the space, nature and STEM lessons and really like that they are themed by the holidays/seasons. That really helps. I’m also impressed by how many free things to do there are. It’s the first time I’ve seen how to get free movie tickets, lego kits and museum tickets so we’re definitely doing the museum challenges and lego events with you all.

  6. Louise M.

    The museum challenges are so cool! I grew up going to art museums with my mother who was a painter. It’s such a touching experience to be able to pass on those memories. I’ll check in with our favorite challenge. Maisy says Thank you for the fun!!

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