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Teaching emotional regulation skills can be difficult!

You have to remember what to focus on and what not to forget. How well you teach your child ends up impacting their well-being and behavior (not to mention your frustration levels).

This learning tool teaches children the full cycle of emotional regulation:

  1. Name the feeling, because it’s the very first step of gaining awareness.
  2. Find it in the body, because it’s how we come back to the present moment.
  3. Describe how it feels in the body, because it’s how we feel safe within ourselves.
  4. Choose a coping technique that matches, because it empowers us to make better choices in the moment and for our long-term health.

This learning tool helps your child make this connection by giving them the practice and words to do so. Before long they will communicate clearly and regain composure faster from moments of emotional dysregulation!

*Learning Tool comes with full parenting guide on Body Awareness (see below for more details).

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Giving your child the skills to advocate for themselves and maintain better life-long health starts with strong body-awareness.

That’s because the brain-body connection serves as the main mode of communication between us and our body’s physiological systems. When we don’t have a strong connection with our body we don’t understand how we are feeling and often feel unsafe experiencing emotions through their completion.

The result? Feeling overwhelmed when you experience stress, trauma that never gets worked out of the nervous system and a person that avoids strong emotions because they never learned the methods to feel better when experiencing them.

Parents can be proactive and give their kids these invaluable life-skills. We hope this learning tool will help make that easier.


The Body Awareness Parenting Guide:

We’ve put together so much information on body awareness!

This guide teaches parents how behavior is impacted by the nervous system, how to help the body work through emotions physically and 3 major coping strategies that will promise your child life long health. Every Body Awareness chart automatically comes with this full-course worth of information:

  • What somatics is
  • How the nervous system impacts emotional regulation
  • How body awareness creates better behavior
  • How recognizing body signals leads to better health
  • How body awareness creates better communication
  • How trauma gets stuck in the body
  • How anger impacts our nervous system
  • How to practice Body Scanning
  • 3 techniques that ground the body and why they work


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6 reviews for Body Awareness Learning Tool

  1. Patricia K.

    I’ve been using this in my practice and it is really helping my kids communicate the sensations connected to feelings. My parents say that tantrums have become shorter because kids speak up effectively. I love this tool! Thanks.

  2. John J.

    This is a great tool but I wish it was more permanent. My child is definitely speaking up and using her words to talk about her feelings. The edges of some pieces are a little bended by now. Still has been super useful but I would like a hard plastic version for sure.

  3. Michael O.

    It seemed dumb but actually works. 5 stars.

  4. Andrew J.

    I’ve been looking for something to help my child speak during tantrums because she just crys and mumbles and its relly annoying. I saw this on instagram and tried it. She is saying her face is hot and tries to do things with her hands when shes angry. I see it working. I try to get her to use it every time she is freaking out and its making the connection in her mind. Thanks it has been helping me.

  5. Gilly F.

    Good idea. It is helping me with my students. I put it in the corner of the classroom and kids point or use the provided tabs to communicate with me when they can’t speak so well. Its been such a great learning tool for us with emotional moments!

  6. Michelle G.

    I work with parents and this tool has been enjoyed. We’ve ordered a few for them after using it with us. Its supported our kids <6 with neurodivergent needs.

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